This month’s playlist infuses the elements you want to hear in the spring: poppy, upbeat, catchy!


1. Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Sacrilege: This track starts the set off because with an intro vocal like this, it can’t be placed anywhere other than Track 1.

2. Gypsy and the Cat – Bloom: This tracks builds off the energy of Sacrilege and takes it to a whole new level with it’s danceable melody.

3. Chvrches – Recover: Another catchy chorus and the introduction of synths.

4. Papa – Put Me To Work: Back to the basics here; the drum line will have your head nodding to the rhythm.

5. Twerps – Work It Out: A break from the overproduction.  Raw in it’s sound and feel-good for the sunny days.

6. Foals – Late Night: The point in the list where things begin to slow into a rhythmic ambiance…

7. The Strokes – Tap Out: …before getting right into a melodic resurgence.

8. Yellow Ostrich – Ghost: Heartfelt and beautiful.  The honesty in the lyrics shine with touching brilliance.

9. Etched (feat Billan) – Find You: The transition from the alternative into the electronic.  Follows up beautifully with Track 8 — try listening to both together at dusk.

10. Strange Talk – Cast Away (Plastic Plates Remix): The energy builds up again with this terrific mix of an already accessible tune.

11. Matt & Kim – Let’s Go (Stefan Dabruck Remix): If anything is getting you ready for the upcoming summer nights, it’s this.

12. Two Door Cinema Club – Sleep Alone (Chainsmokers Remix): The set ends off with this.  A club-ready mix of one of the winter’s best comebacks.



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